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Drilling Capabilities
Our drilling equipment has been selected to provide a wide range of drilling and sampling services. HTB currently has 3 truck-mounted drill rigs and 2 portable drills.

We have a complete line of drilling accessories including 2 sizes of hollow stem augers, PQ, HQ, and NWDR core barrels, and other specialized sampling equipment.


  • Mobile B-53: Truck-mounted drill Click for image
  • SIMCO 2400 SK-1: The skid-mounted SIMCO can be helicopter transported to remote sites and is also used for offshore drilling. A second trailer-mounted SIMCO is used for areas with soft ground conditions. Click for image
  • Concore A-5 Special: Portable drill rig can be disassembled and hand-carried to difficult locations. The rig is easily crated and can be air-shipped to remote locations. It takes both soil samples, and rock cores. This equipment can be powered by an air compressor. Click for image
  • Portable Decontamination Stations: All the necessary equipment to set up a portable decontamination station in the field for projects requiring steam cleaning of all equipment prior to the start of the drilling and sample locations, and upon completion of the jobs.


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